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Bedingungen & Bedingungen

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1.      Production time. The item is usually produced during 2 weeks. It includes cutting, sewing, painting, paste-up, quality test and starts from the moment of payment and measurements accepted. The production time doesn’t include the delivery time, which takes 4-6 days after the item is ready.

2.      Lieferung.

2.1  It usually takes 4-6 days to deliver the item to the Buyer by DHL Lieferung Service. If the Customer chooses Russian Post, the item will be delivered within 1 weeks. Gymnastics-Fantastic Company is not responsible for any parcel delays caused by the delivery service.

2.2  Lieferung service is responsible for the delivery time of the Customer’s item and for the parcel’s safety.

3.      Refuse of the order. You can refuse the order before it is forwarded to the tailory manufacture. After our sales manager receives the confirmation of your payment for the item, he/she informs you by e-mail about the fact that your Trikot is ready to be forwarded to thetailory manufacture. After it’s been already forwarded to the manufacture, you cannot refuse the item.

4.      Defects.

4.1  In case the Customer gets the defective item and the defect of the item is caused by the producing company (Gymnastics-Fantastic), then the defect correction and delivery to the Customer is made by the producing company and at its cost.

4.2  In case the Customer gets the defective item and the defect of the item is occurred due to the Customer's fault (for example, if the Customer submitted the wrong measurements to the sales-manager), then the defect correction and all the transportation movements are paid by the Customer.

4.3  Defect correction variants are discussed individually with every Customer till the optimal decision for both parties is made.

4.4  We accept the complaints if your situation matches the reclamation case and if you wrote it within 7 days.

4.5  Every reclamation case is processed during 1 week since the complaint is received.

4.6  Having received the whole information and checked all the necessary documents, we will inform you the result of your reclamation and offer you an optimal way to solve the problem.

4.7  If it is found out that the item was worn or has mechanical failures (splits, scratches, chips), excluding concealed manufacturing faults, we will take negative decision and refuse to settle your claim.

5.      Returning of the item.

5.1  Replacement and return of goods is implemented in accordance with the current legal acts in Russia, regulating consumer rights and trade rules. You can return the goods that are not included in the list of non-grocery goods of proper quality (the goods that cannot be returned or replaced by the analogous goods of different sizes, forms, fashion, color and furnishing).

5.2  Terms for reclamation:

·         You can refuse the item during 7 days, in case the item wasn’t used, the packing box, quality, stamps, factory labels are preserved and in case the item is not soiled.

·         Missed deadline can lead to the difficulties and long reclamation processing, if worse comes to worst, you reclamation may be left even without processing.


We usually meet the wishes of our customers, including the wishes on goods return.

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